Wall Décor

We have access to a number of talented Australian Artists and a vast range of other art work, prints and mirrors. What you see here is just a sample of what we can offer you!  Most of our art is custom sourced.

Most art pieces shown below are stocked to order.  If you love something you see, or are after something specific you don't see below, simply email natalie@insidehomestyle.com.au with queries or to place the order.

Rustic Iron Leaning Floor Mirror Quick shop
Large Iron Rectangle Mirror Quick shop
Round Rope Mirror Quick shop
Arch Mirror Quick shop

Arch Mirror


White Tassel (No 2) Textile Art Quick shop
White Tassel (No 1) Textile Art Quick shop
Gold Disc Textile Art Quick shop
Simple Silver Finish Round Mirror Quick shop
Simple Brass Finish Round Mirror Quick shop
Adrift Blue 2 Quick shop

Adrift Blue 2


Adrift Blue 1 Quick shop

Adrift Blue 1


Adrift Coal 2 Quick shop

Adrift Coal 2


Adrift Coal 1 Quick shop

Adrift Coal 1


Adrift 2 Quick shop

Adrift 2


Adrift 1 Quick shop

Adrift 1


Walter 2 Quick shop

Walter 2


Simple Black Frame Mirror Quick shop
Walter 1 Quick shop

Walter 1